Beginnings of the Mochi Gnati Mandal of Ontario


The settlement of Mochi Gnati in Ontario and in other parts of Canada dates back to the 1960’s when a few families immigrated to Canada from the United Kingdom, India, Africa and other countries of the world. Many settled in Ontario and a few in British Columbia, Quebec and Alberta.


With a large influx of Asians from African countries in the 1970’s, Mochi families immigrated to Canada. Families both old and young from India and the United Kingdom came to Canada to better themselves of the business opportunities, professional and other fields.

1970s – 1980s

As this trend continued, in the 1970’s and 1980’s many Mochi families sponsored their relatives to settle here in Canada. In the 1980’s the number of Mochi families started to increase with a population of 100 individuals. Soon it was apparent that we should have our own association. Ultimately, about 9 Mochi like minded individuals came together in 1981 and decided to form our Samaj. Where the members of the Samaj can enjoy yearly events such as Holi/Bhajans, Picnics, Navratri, Diwali and other events where community members with their children would participate. We thank the individuals listed below who took the initiative to do just that.

The Founding Members Were:

Manikant Karsanbhai Chauhan, Hon. President
Subash Atmaran Chauhan, Hon. Chairman
Harish Dahyabhai Parmar, Hon. Secretary
Jaswant Naginbhai Chohan, Sports & Recreation Co-Ordinator

Former Founding Members Were:

Dhansukh Naginbhai Chaohan, Treasurer
Dilip Ratilal Ranchod, Membership & Adv. Co-Ordinator
Babubhai Vanmari Chauhan, Specific & Research Co-Ordinator

Former Committee Members were:

Ramesh Bhagubhai Parmar, Program & Social Co-Ordinator
Prafula Atmaram Chauhan, Recording Secretary

1981 – The Beginning of the Samaj

With the foundation set and community members present in an event, it was decided and agreed to form the Mochi Community as Mochi Gnati Mandal of Ontario in 1981. This was the official beginning of the samaj.

MGM Constitution

A few years later a constitution was drafted and was presented to community members for approval. The constitution was presented to the members present and was duly approved. Changes to the constitution are implemented and approved by the community members in our Annual General Meeting.

Community Recognition

In August 2020, MGM and committee members were recognized by the Hon. Navdeep Bains for service and involvement in the community.